Our Services

Construction Management

    Construction Management is the management of the bid-and-award, construction, and closeout phases of a project. Construction management services include:
  1. Assembling teams for preconstruction and construction
  2. Conducting contract negotiations
  3. Reviewing buy-out bids
  4. Creating a project schedule
  5. Overseeing construction on a daily basis
  6. Conducting constructability reviews
  7. Maintaining cost and quality control
  8. Managing closeout and document turnover
  9. Handling the transition to occupancy
  10. Holding a post-occupancy evaluation

Asset Evaluation

DMS assembles teams to manage the building process, and to compile a realistic assessment of the condition of all existing buildings, including structural, roofs, finishes, mechanical, electrical, life safety and plumbing systems. After the site evaluation is complete, DMS will perform a replacement cost analysis using the latest construction cost. Where applicable, DMS will also provide comparables in the marketplace.

Site Development

DMS employs a team of professionals with invaluable experience; they are skilled in development disciplines ranging from acquisition and leasing of commercial properties to project design, financing, construction, and management. From office buildings to mixed-use properties and more, our team is responsible for the design, entitlement, and construction management of all types of projects.

    DMS will:
  1. Assemble a team of Architects, General Contractors, and consultants for the preconstruction and construction phases
  2. Acquire approvals from all City and Government agencies
  3. Establish a design and approval a schedule for on-time completion
  4. Complete market analysis to determine the proper mix and type of development
  5. Perform budget analysis on the project to ensure attainable economic goals for the project
  6. Review plans for possible constructability issues and value engineering opportunities
  7. Perform contract negotiations
  8. Review buy-out bids with General Contractor
  9. Oversee construction activities
  10. Work with brokers and tenants during lease negotiations
  11. Review and approve change order requests and design changes